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12V and 240V electrics


A functional and safe electrical system is a critical element of any campervan conversion. The team at Weston can design, specify and install your 12V and 240V electrics for you, ensuring everything is sized and implemented to suit your particular requirements.

Whether it's finding the right power supply unit to operate your low-voltage loads, or sourcing a suitable lithium-based power unit capable of running mains voltage appliances, Weston has the experience and know-how to specify and fit your electrical system for you.

We will provide you with an easy-to-follow wiring diagram with every installation to help you understand your system and guide you should you need to change anything in the future.

Speak to one of the team about your electrical needs and we'll put together a detailed specification and quotation for you.

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Prices vary significantly depending on your specification.

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Sargent Power Supply Unit



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