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Having enough power when your campervan is not plugged into the mains electric, or going "off-grid", is one facet of vanlife that causes people a great deal of anxiety. Take the worry away with a solar kit supplied and fitted by Weston. A solar panel paired with a good quality controller will keep your leisure battery topped up, ensuring you have enough energy to keep your trip buzzing! With a huge range of sizes and options available, we can specify a solar set-up that suits your needs and budget.

From flexible or rigid roof-mounted panels to portable fold-away solutions, Weston have the know-how to help you decide upon the best configuration for your van.

Contact us today and let us know about your solar requirements and we'll help you find a stellar solution!

prices / more info

Weston's solar solutions start from as little as £200 (including VAT)

example quotation

Roof-mounted solar set-up:

12V 30A MPPT solar controller, wiring, etc




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