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external upgrades


Complement your internal conversion with our stylish external enhancements and upgrades. Sourced from the UK's leading suppliers and fitted by our experienced workshop team, an upgrade from Weston can really lift the appearance of your van and set it apart from the crowd.

Weston can supply and fit:

  • Splitters and spoilers
    We can source and install a range of external styling upgrades to transform the look of your van. Various styles of front splitters, chins, bumper replacements, and grilles are available, along with rear spoilers to suit both tailgate and barn door vans.

  • Roof bars and side rails
    Roof bars add aesthetics and practicality to your van, allowing roof racks, bike carriers, and storage boxes to be fitted to your roof. Side rails give the illusion that your van is closer to the ground, making it look more streamlined with a sleek and stylish finish.

  • Lifting or lowering kits
    Let Weston help to give your van the look you are after with our suspension upgrades. Whether it's a lower, sporty look or a rugged swamper style, we can advise you on your options and specify the best kit to achieve your goals.

  • Wheel and tyre upgrades
    Weston are a proud supplier of SuperMetal wheels, offering their stunning range of UK-designed alloys to our customers. Each wheel is TÜV approved and optimised to be both high in load capacity and low in mass. We can pair your choice of wheels with the perfect tyre to suit your usage profile.

Get in touch and we can put together a specification and quote to suit your requirements.

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